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March 5, 2007
Monterey, CA -- Stuart Robbins, The Executive Director of The CIO Collective, and author of the critically-acclaimed book The System is a Mirror, was the dinner speaker at The Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Executive Education, as part of the Navy Corporate Business Course sponsored by the Navy’s Executive Learning Officer. Thirty-four attendees from around the country have come together for ten days of intensive education which is structured to train U.S. and International military and Department of Defense civilians in Defense-focused business policy and the related Information Technology initiatives. Captains and Admirals attend the NPS sessions as part of their Continuing Learning in the Navy's educational strategy to provide intellectual resources for leaders and their various organizations. Mr. Robbins spoke about his principles of systems theory, prime among them being "that the systems won't talk to each other if the people aren't talking to each other." For more information about the Center for Executive Education at Naval Postgraduate School , see their website:

February 22, 2007
Santa Clara, CA -- The CIO Collective held a strategic advisory panel with the sales and marketing teams at WebEx Communications, exploring the company's broadened product offering as an infrastructure platform and the marketing requirements needed to transform the industry's appreciation of its product line. Attendees of the session from the Collective included Bud Mathaisel (Solectron), Tama Olver (Applera), George Lin (Advent), Dean Lane (Varitrak), Visa Chatterjee (Scholastic) and Reza Sadeghian (SAP). The session was facilitated by Stuart Robbins.

September 2006 recently interviewed Stuart Robbins, Executive Director of The CIO Collective, about his newly published book Lessons in Grid Computing: The System Is a Mirror. View interview clips here.

February 7, 2005
NEW YORK -- The CIO Collective convened a CIO Advisory Panel, the first of a series planned for New York in 2005. Hosted by Tsvi Gal, CIO of Warner Music Group, the session was sponsored by RightOrder and participants provided guidance to RightOrder's executive team on a wide variety of issues, ranging from the technology of query optimization to the company's overall marketing strategy. In addition to Tsvi Gal and Stuart Robbins, Executive Director of The CIO Collective, participants included Michael Auslander (Campbell's Soup), Vivian Schneck-Last (Goldman Sachs), Atefeh Riazi (Ogilvy & Mather), Judy Arteche-Carr (Unisys), Malka Treuhaft (Truision), Dave Tonkonow (1199 National Benefit Fund), Ian Drachman (Tower Group), Evelyn Fuhrer (independent, formerly IBM), and Joe Vito (US Trust).

February 7, 2005
WASHINGTON, DC -- The CIO Collective, in partnership with Veridyne, Inc., is providing guidance to an ecosystem of emerging technology companies, part of an ongoing relationship with the Federal CIO Council and various federal departments. The program is noted in this week's issue of Federal Computer Week:

November 04, 2004
SAN JOSE, CA -- The CIO Collective sponsored a CIO/CTO Advisory Panel for RightOrder, a provider of QueryEdge, a database performance optimization product that has produced dramatic results in benchmark HP-Intel testing. Joining the executives at RightOrder were Jim Cates (Brocade), Dean Lane (VariTools), Parmeet Chaddha (Corio), Reza Sadeghian (Synopsys), Doug Halperin (Pictopia), and Stuart Robbins (The CIO Collective). The advisory session reviewed the corporate presentation and provided feedback on product strategy, messaging, and the potential benefits of their underlying index technology.

October 14, 2004
CHICAGO, IL -- During the luncheon session at CIO Insight’s Alignment Summit 2004, Stuart Robbins presented awards to Tama Olver, Applera Corporation and Doreen Wright, Campbell's Soup Company, as co-winners of the Amy B. Kahn "Women in IT: Excellence in Leadership" program sponsored by The CIO Collective. In presenting the awards, Stuart noted that it was "an extreme honor and pleasure to recognize two women whose exceptional professional careers are examples we, as IT executives, should all try to emulate." Also attending the Alignment Summit were other CIO Collective associates Atefeh Riazi and Malka Treuhaft, both of whom participated in the nomination and recruitment portions of the program during the past six months. During the conference, Doreen Wright provided a keynote presentation on "The Culture of Alignment" and Tama Olver participated in the panel on "Communicating with CXOs and the Board."

September 15, 2004
SAN JOSE, CA -- In association with Ventana Research, members of The CIO Collective welcomed IT colleagues from the United Kingdom for a reception and dinner held at The Fairmont Hotel. Visiting IT executives from the UK represented The Ministry of Defence (MoD), AMEC, Bird & Bird, British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL), BT Global, Lloyds Register, Medical Research Council, Rolls Royce, Scottish Water, Standard Chartered Bank, and Mike Portlock from Greenside Partners, the coordinator of the UK CIO group. Joining Mark Smith from Ventana Research, and Stuart Robbins, Executive Director of The CIO Collective, were Debra Martucci (Synopsys), Dean Lane (Symantec), Judy Armstrong (Logitech), and Marti Menacho (Tibco Software). Ventana's alliance partner, Cognos, sponsored the evening's activities that were focused upon building CIO-level relationships spanning the Atlantic Ocean, extending The CIO Collective's international reach.

September 01, 2004
OAKLAND, CA -- The CIO Collective announced the winners of the first Amy B. Kahn "Women in IT: Excellence in Leadership" Award for 2004. Named after one of the founding associates of The CIO Collective, the award is given to women who have demonstrated compelling IT leadership, a dedication to mentoring, and an ongoing commitment to collaboration within and beyond the enterprise. Co-winners: Tama Olver, CIO for Applera Corporation and Doreen Wright, CIO for Campbell's Soup were selected as co-winners of this year's competition. The selection committee is very pleased to recognize these two remarkable women, and their significant contributions to the industry. Special Mention: The selection committee also recognizes Debra Martucci, VP of IT for Synopsys Corporation, for her very special contributions to Synopsys Corporation during her impressive tenure at that company.

Ms. Olver and Ms. Knight will formally accept their awards at a dinner in their honor on October 13 in Chicago, scheduled to coincide with Ziff Davis Media's Strategic Alignment conference which will be held on the following day. Further information about the dinner and the conference will be released at a later date.

August 05, 2004
OAKLAND, CA -- In association with CIO Insight (Ziff Davis Media), The CIO Collective held a conference call to provide guidance to the executive editors as they plan their 2005 publication schedule. The conversation covered a broad range of topics that were of specific interest to the participants: Governance, Alignment, Grid Computing, Asset Management, Identity Management, Business Intelligence, and Compliance (among others). Participants from Ziff Davis Media included Ellen Pearlman, Allan Alter, Edward Baker, and Debra D'Agostino. Participants from The CIO Collective included Stuart Robbins (facilitator), Tama Olver (Applera), Joey Castaneda (North American Lubricants), David Minster (David Yurman and Company), Atefeh Riazi (Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide), and by special invitation, Peng Ong (Encentuate).

July 15, 2004
PEBBLE BEACH, CA -- July 15, 2004: Stuart Robbins presented an overview of offshore outsourcing issues at The CIO Conference in Pebble Beach, CA which was hosted by Also presenting at the conference: Thornton May, Terry Jones, Jim McCann, and Bob Denis. Attending the conference were several associates of The CIO Collective, among them Dean Lane (Symantec), Ted Cahall (CNET Networks), Scott McEvoy (Vitria Technology), Steve Carlson (TriNet) and Wyly Wade (The McLain Group).

June 24, 2004
OAKLAND, CA -- The CIO Collective sponsored a conference call with the founders of Software Commons, an emerging company focused upon the aggregation and distribution of custom-developed software to be shared beyond the boundaries of the enterprise. As an example, extensions of Oracle 11i could be shared among a community of members, in the model recently initiated by Avalanche. Topics of the session included the issues pertaining to intellectual property and licensing, distribution, business models, and quality assurance. Participating in the advisory session were Marti Menacho (Tibco Software), Dean Lane (Symantec), Robert Urwiler (Macromedia), Malka Treuhaft (Truision) and Vivian Shneck-Last (Goldman Sachs). For more information about the call or to request a transcription, contact srobbins

June 10, 2004
WASHINGTON, DC -- Stuart Robbins facilitated a one-day conference on The Future of IT at The World Bank, sponsored by Mohamed Muhsin, the Bank's VP and CIO. Debra Martucci from Synopsys, an associate of the CIO Collective, delivered the afternoon keynote address entitled "Success, Once Chip at a Time." Also presenting at the conference were John Johnson, VP of IT from Intel, Sandeep Johri, VP of Corporate Software Strategy from Hewlett-Packard, and Thornton May, corporate futurist and columnist for Computerworld. Mr. May also moderated a panel on Information Security that included Dr. Bill Hancock from Savvis, Dave Aucsmith from Microsoft, Julia Allen from CERT/Carnegie-Mellon, Jerry Dixon from the Internal Revenue Service and Don Reid from the State Department.

May 7, 2004
PLEASANTON, CA -- Held at Documentum headquarters in Pleasanton, The CIO Collective convened a CIO Advisory Panel for the executive team of Silver Creek Systems, based in Louisville, Colorado. Joining the Silver Creek team for a product and marketing review were George Lin (Documentum/EMC), Rita Khayat-Toubia (Proxim), Ted Cahall (CNET Networks), Jayson Hahn (Merrimac Industries), Judy Armstrong (StrataFusion), Madhukar Govindaraju (Hyperion), and Dean Lane (Symantec). For more information about Silver Creek Systems, see

March 10, 2004
OAKLAND, CA -- The CIO Collective announced the first annual Amy B. Kahn "Women in IT: Excellence in Leadership" award. The objective of this new program is to recognize the contributions and achievements of women IT executives, in fond remembrance of one of the founding associates of the CIO Collective. For more information about Amy Kahn, and the award program in her name, see the special topic page.

February 3, 2004
ST. PETERSBURG (Russia) -- The CIO Collective launched an international effort to bridge the communication gap between countries by co-sponsoring a leadership conference here, in association with DataArt, a Russian offshoring development firm with headquarters in New York City. Stuart Robbins, Executive Director of The CIO Collective, met with members of the Russian technology press to discuss Managing a Globalized Workforce, and participated in several panel discussions with leaders of the St. Petersburg technology community.

"We have a unique opportunity in the next decade to demonstrate the value of information technology," Robbins said in an interview with Expert magazine, a leading technology publication in St. Petersburg. "For our systems to connect, the people responsible for our systems must connect."

He went on to say that this conference, which included 50-60 executives from the Russian business community and the press, is a good example of what we can accomplish when we come together with a common purpose. "We have already witnessed the next stage of computing with the advent of the Grid, and as grid computing and externalized IT services become broadly adopted, we will witness a transformation of our businesses in the global marketplace."

The St. Petersburg Technology Leadership Forum was facilitated by Loretta Prencipe, Editorial Director for MediaFirst, and also included presentations by Eugene Goland, CEO of DataArt Corporation, Andrey Narvsky, co-chair of the American Chamber of Commerce St. Petersrburg Chapter IT Committee, and Valentin Makarov, President of the Russian consortium of IT providers, Fort-Ross IT Services. Attending were representatives from American Express, Actel, AsicDesign, Arcadia, EType SPB, SJ Labs, Obix Information Solutions, Reksoft, RBC, Piter, and numerous members of the Russian technology press.

For more information about the conference, see the conference agenda at

The CIO Collective is a non-profit professional association of senior IT executives providing guidance to emerging institutions and initiatives. Refer to for information about the association's membership, and advisory programs.

October 11, 2003
NEW ORLEANS, LA -- Stuart Robbins spoke on the subject of Partnering with CIOs to attendees at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Microsoft is renewing its commitment to assist their International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners by providing additional support for regional clusters of partner companies, many of which are small businesses focused upon specific Microsoft technologies. 8,000 people attended the conference from around the world, and The CIO Collective was one of the few outside (independent) organizations invited to lead a topic session.

October 9, 2003
SAN JOSE -- The CIO Collective held a roundtable discussion at Yahoo!, discussing the company's collaboration strategy and the upcoming launch of Business Messaging Services. Lars Rabbe, Yahoo! CIO, hosted the session and Stuart Robbins facilitated a panel discussion that included Debra Martucci, VP of IT, Synopsys Corporation; Steve Ruggiero, Director of IT, Synopsys Corporation; Jim Cates, CIO, Brocade Communications; Sharon Mandell, CTO, Knight Ridder Digital; Doug Kalish, former CKO, Scient Corporation; Daniel Crespo-Dubie, VP of IT, McKesson Corporation; George Lin, VP and CIO, Documentum; Rita Khayat-Toubia, CIO, Proxim; and Al Pappas, former CIO, Hotwire and Adobe.

October 2, 2003
NEW YORK -- The CIO Collective co-sponsored an all-day session with the Technology Leadership Council of New York/New Jersey. Attending the session were executives from AIG, Bayer, Datatec Systems, Tatum Partners, Stuart Robbins and Mark Minevich from The CIO Collective, as well as senior management from IBM: Val Rahmani, VP of IBM Corporate Strategy, Rod Smith, VP of Emerging Technologies, and Jack Santoni, Managing Principal of IBM Global Services. The focus of the session involved IBM's eBusiness On Demand program and how such infrastructure strategies compliment the IT industry's direction of an outsourced, global workforce.

August 5, 2003
SAN FRANCISCO -- The CIO Collective convened an advisory panel sponsored by Macromedia. The session was held at Macromedia's San Francisco headquarters, and focused upon a review of market positioning and messaging for a program to be launched in the coming months. Attending this advisory session: Stuart Robbins and Maggie Law of the CIO Collective; Dean Lane from Symantec; Beth Clifford, former eCIO for The Kinetics Group; Doug Halperin from Pictopia; Scott Wiener from Certive Corporation; Wyly Wade from Z-Tel Corporation; and Malka Treuhaft from The Centre Group in New York.

June 5, 2003
WASHINGTON, DC -- Stuart Robbins, Executive Director of The CIO Collective, facilitated a day-long conference at The World Bank on June 5 in Washington. Sponsored by Mohamed Muhsin, CIO of The World Bank, the event was entitled "People, Process, and Technology in the 21st Century" and was attended by more than 400 technology staff of the Bank.

The keynote presentation was provided by Brad Boston (VP and CIO, Cisco Systems), followed by a panel discussion on emerging technologies and how those technologies are being leveraged by various institutions. Joining Mr. Robbins and Mr. Boston in the panel discussion were Dave DeWalt, President and CEO of Documentum, Steve O'Connor, former CIO for Silicon Graphics and currently General Manager for ITM Software, and Thornton May, columnist for Computerworld and a futurist with Toffler Associates. Matt Kelly, from the Working Council of CIOs of the Corporate Executive Board discussed portal strategies, and Mr. May concluded the session with commentary on the current and future state of Information Technology.

Jim Wolfensohn, President of The World Bank, joined the presenters for commentary during the post-conference reception.

April 11, 2003
The CIO Collective sponsored a roundtable in Palo Alto with special guest Dan Chenok, Branch Chief for Information Policy and Technology from the Office of Management and Budget in Washington. Dan presented the Bush administration's strategy for eGovernment and explained the 24 initiatives included in the 2003/2004 IT budget. In addition, the group discussed possible approaches to ensure that communication between the startup community and Capital Hill on the subject of emerging technologies can be improved.

Joining Dan and Stuart Robbins were Judy Armstrong from Benchmark Capital, Yoram Novick from Topio, Bill Schroeder from Vormetric, Suresh Katta from Saama Technologies, Chris Noble and Ophir Ronen from SingleStep Technologies, Ford Goodman from Certive Corporation, Gary Oliver from Cohesiant, and Danny Shader and Mark Williams from Good Technology.

March 14, 2003
Analysts from Bessemer Trust of New York and associates of The CIO Collective held a conference call on IT spending, with particular attention being paid to the geo-political environment and its impact on planning and prioritization in the remainder of 2003. Participants from the CIO Collective included Stuart Robbins, Dave McCandless from Fortel Corporation, Sean Moriarty from Ticketmaster, Tama Olver from Applera, Jayson Hahn from Merrimac Industries, Bob Jones from Cisco Systems, and Mark Minevich from MarkSoft.

January 6, 2003
George Lin, CIO of Documentum, Inc. and CIO Collective associate, named a Premier Top 100 IT Leader by the editors of IDG’s Computerworld. Read the Documentum press release.

December 16, 2002
"Tech Execs Optimistic On SEC And Treasury Nominees" -- by Beth Bacheldor with Marianne Kolbasuk McGee and Eileen Colkin Cuneo, Information Week. The CIO Collective's Executive Director Stuart Robbins offers comments on the nominations of John Snow for Treasury secretary and William Donaldson to lead the SEC.

December 13, 2002
SEC Squeeze Play Puts Pressure on CIOs -- by Elizabeth Wasserman, CIO Insight. In this article, a number of IT professionals (including CIO Collective Executive Director Stuart Robbins) are asked to share their thoughts on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

December 6, 2002
Executive Director Stuart Robbins speaks to Morgan Stanley CIO Outlook Conference in New York City. Conference panelists discuss 2003 budget prospects, the current status of the build v. buy debate, Linux as an enterprise-ready technology for mission-critical applications, data center consolidation, and the modest recovery of the enterprise software industry.

November 18, 2002
Mohamed Muhsin, VP and CIO of the World Bank and CIO Collective Board Member interviewed by Ellen Olafsen for the Development Gateway (read interview). Muhsin discusses his primary responsibilities as a CIO and shares thoughts on the digital divide, the economy's recent slow-down, the potential of ICT (information and communication technologies) in developing countries, and more.

September 27, 2002
The CIO Collective and Bessemer Trust co-sponsored a technology conference call with members of the CIO Collective on the subject of Doing More with Less. Participants in the call included associates Sean Moriarty, Kim Hoover, Michael Jones, Al Pappas, Blair Jockers, Wyly Wade, and Malka Treuhaft. For a full transcription of the conference call, email a request to

September 16, 2002
"Managing Business Continuity" -- by Lisa Stambaugh and (CIO Collective Executive Director) Stuart Robbins; a CIO Insight Whiteboard feature.

September 4, 2002
CRIA Technologies executive team met with a panel of CIOs for a discussion about Outsourcing. Attending were numerous CIO Collective associates (Tama Olver, Howard Wise, Jose Morales-Correa, Doug Halperin, Ira Gershkoff and Reza Sadeghian), joined by IT executives from San Jose area companies Applied Materials, Centerbeam, TiVo, EverDream and Logitech.

August 13, 2002
"Defining the Ethical CIO" -- Ziff Davis Media publication CIO Insight assembled an IT executive roundtable to discuss a CIO's charter to be both effective and ethical amid corporate scandals, cost-cutting and a new climate of accountability. Among the invited participants were The CIO Collective's Usha Sekar, Malka Treuhaft, and Stuart Robbins.

July 15, 2002
LOS ANGELES, CA -- CIO Collective Executive Director Stuart Robbins speaks at Microsoft FUSION 2002.

June 14, 2002
Stuart Robbins, CIO Collective Executive Director, participated in roundtable discussion "Open Source Goes Mainstream" for CIO Insight.

May 22, 2002
Bridgestream executive team met with CIO Collective advisory panel: Dean Lane, Judy Armstrong, George Lin, Doug Halperin, and Stuart Robbins. Bridgestream's VP of Engineering suggested that they received "six months of customer insights" in a single evening.

April 12, 2002
The CIO Collective and Bessemer Trust co-sponsored a technology conference call with members of the CIO Collective on the subject of IT Spending Trends. Participants in the call included associates Tom Buckholtz, Mark Vedel, Sean Moriarty, plus senior representatives from TCW, EDS, and Tacit Knowledge Systems. For a full transcription of the conference call, email a request to

February 13, 2002
InterWest Partners, a San Jose, CA, venture capital firm, met with CIO Collective advisory panel to review a potential investment opportunity. Panelists included: Beth Clifford, Doug Halperin, Michael Jones, Doug Kalish, Al Pappas, Stuart Robbins, and Bert Wayland.

January 25, 2002
The CIO Collective and Bessemer Trust co-sponsored a technology conference call with members of the CIO Collective on the subject of IT Spending Trends. Participants in the call included associates Al Pappas, Malka Treuhaft, Beth Clifford, Luc LaFontan, plus senior representatives from Nortel Networks, ;login Magazine, TTFN Associates, Primitive Logic and KPMG Consulting. For a full transcription of the conference call, email a request to

January 11, 2002
WASHINGTON, DC -- The CIO Collective was featured for a second time on Morgan Stanley's "CIO Unplugged" webcast, facilitated by Chuck Phillips, Managing Director for Morgan Stanley. The topic of this conference was eGovernment. The CIO Collective's Stuart Robbins, Sean Moriarty, and Alan Balutis were joined by Rod Loucks, CTO for the City and County of San Francisco. The group was interviewed on a variety of IT issues related to eGovernment at the federal, state, and local level. (Current Morgan Stanley clients can access the January 11 webcast of the entire session via the ClientLink program at For all others interested, a detailed summary of the session is available by sending email to

November 27, 2001
WASHINGTON, DC -- Phil Thompson, VP of Business Transformation and CIO for IBM, joined members of the CIO Collective and the Federal CIO Council for their second IT Leadership Forum, a quarterly meeting of Government CIOs and IT executives from the private sector. Attending the Forum from the CIO Collective were Jack Cooper, Malka Treuhaft, Sean Moriarty, and Kim Hoover. Representing the Federal CIO Council were Laura Callahan (Department of Labor), Mayi Canales (Treasury Department), Craig Luigart (Department of Education), Debra Stouffer (Housing and Urban Development), John Sindelar (Government Services Administration) and Doug Chenok (Office of Management and Budget). Stuart Robbins, Executive Director of The CIO Collective, co-facilitated the meeting with Alan Balutis, COO of the Federation of Government Information Processing Councils and Marc Cummings, Director of Public Sector Programs for InfoTech Strategies. For more information about the public/private partnership and mentoring program of the Leadership Forum, send email to

November 16, 2001
Bessemer Trust co-sponsored a technology conference call with members of The CIO Collective on the subject of IT spending trends, with an emphasis on Business Continuity. From the Collective were Judy Armstrong, Doug Kalish, Richard Mazzoni, Malka Treuhaft, and Jorden Woods. Also participating in the call were senior representatives from KPMG, EDS, Benchmark Capital, Ziff Davis Media, Paras Ventures, the MIT/Gartner Workplace of the Future initiative, and Certaintly Solutions. For a full transcription of the conference call, send email to

November, 2001
Stuart Robbins, CIO Collective Executive Director and member of the advisory board of CIO Insight (a new publication by Ziff Davis Media), has authored an editorial for the November 2001 issue, regarding the impact of September 11 on the CIO Community. Read a reprint of "A CIO Call to Action".

October, 2001
Baseline Magazine quoted CIO Collective Executive Director Stuart Robbins in the article "10% Solution". Organizations preparing for unlikely, but potentially devastating, events of disaster are learning that cross-training workers and documenting what people know are among the most effective measures they can take.

October 5, 2001
The CIO Collective and Bessemer Trust co-sponsored a conference call on current trends in IT. Facilitated by Stuart Robbins and Natalie Billon from Bessemer Trust, the call included Collective associates Judy Armstrong, Kim Hoover, Luc Lafontan, Sean Moriarty, Al Pappas, and Pierre Samec. Topics of the discussion ranged from current spending trends and new business continuity interests to Microsoft's latest licensing strategy. For a transcript of the conference call, email request to

August 10, 2001
NEW YORK, NY -- The CIO Collective was featured on Morgan Stanley's "CIO Unplugged" webcast, facilitated by Chuck Phillips, Managing Director for Morgan Stanley. Stuart Robbins, Founder and Executive Director of The CIO Collective, along with CIO Collective associates Judy Armstrong and Tama Olver, were interviewed on a variety of IT issues, including the impact of the recent downturn on IT budgets, the significant trends in IT spending, working with vendors who deliver value, database migrations, new technologies, and more. The entire session is accessible by current Morgan Stanley clients via their ClientLink program at (August 10 webcast). All others may request a detailed summary of the session by sending email to

July 11, 2001
WASHINGTON, DC -- The CIO Collective convened with the World Bank and the Federal CIO Council to jumpstart discussions about Communities of Interest for those two organizations. For more information, see the KMERA Corporation press release.

April 24, 2001
SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- Stuart Robbins spoke at The Economist IT Strategy Summit 2001: "Net-based Economics and the New CIO."

February 9, 2001
CHICAGO, IL -- Jamcracker, Inc.'s Midwest CIO Roundtable; CIO Collective associates moderated panels on Knowledge Management and Corporate-University alliances.

December 13, 2000
OAKLAND, CA -- The CIO Collective participated in a Knowledge Management conference, sponsored by KMERA Corporation.

October 18th, 2000
SANTA CLARA, CA -- The CIO Collective co-sponsored a breakout session on "The Digital Divide" as part of the program for Jamcracker's CIO Roundtable, held at the Biltmore.

September 24, 1999
"Can't afford a CIO? Try renting one" -- by Melanie Austria Farmer, Staff Writer, CNET Everything's for lease these days -- cars, furniture, computer systems. So why not a chief information officer?